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Welcome to the minting of your Snippets TIER-ONE ticket. You are making history by taking part in our TIER-ONE mint, and we, the Gorgeous team, extend a warm welcome to you as part of the Snippets ecosystem and community.

Our TIER-ONE Snippets interactive non-fungible tokens (NFT's), each rewarding you from the sales of 37,500 NFT's and multiple high-level pools in the trading volume of 250 NFT collections.

Remarkable NFT giveaways

Holding a TIER-ONE ticket brings value at every turn. Each holder will get a free claim per NFT with no wallet limit to Worlds Beyond. A seven world game/metaverse claimable across seven chains. It requires no hosting, no Google or AWS. It's run in the blockchain. Play in the explorer, NFT Marketplace, IPFS, or attach your Web3 domain.

The more tickets you hold, the more chance you gain to grab our rare NFTs for more significant rewards. Worlds Beyond will challenge the entire spectrum of what is currently available and give away up to 19 NFTs to each ticket holder that cover every aspect of what is current and the usecase we believe is meant for the NFT.

Worlds Beyond is coming soon and every ticket holder will get a free claim. Find out more here.

This game exists and runs entirely from the blockchain. No hosting, no servers, all built within the NFT. As a TIER-ONE ticket, you'll get access to the final worlds for free.

This also runs in IPFS, Opensea and other marketplaces. See for yourself here on IPFS.

In a TIER of its own

A TIER-ONE NFT gives you exclusive first access to our 250 NFT collections across multiple industries and creative spaces. To claim your Snippet collection NFT, you will burn the NFT from TIER-ONE. Each NFT will be swapped for a collection NFT worth $500. We guarantee you have never seen anything like this.

Avax ticket NFT
Ethereum ticket NFT
Polygon ticket NFT
Solana ticket NFT
Terra ticket NFT
Features and tools you could only dream of

With our state-of-the-art tools, our creators are already making NFTs unlike any you have seen before. Explore the Metaverse with VR, or applications using trading indicators and bots to earn more from your NFT. It's a whole new world for creators and creatives alike. The creators will be announced and showcased upon their works completed

Early supporters earn more.

For every NFT sold in TIER-ONE, twenty-percent will be paid back to the holders with early adopters earning more.

For every NFT sold after yours, 20% of the sale price will be divided amongst the holders of previous tickets and paid out in SOL. Upon swapping your ticket NFT for collection NFT, this will be automatically sent to your wallet.

More rewards.

Ten-percent of sales across the first 30,000 NFTs sold after TIER-ONE will automatically be distributed evenly amongst all TIER-ONE nft holders.

For every NFT sold after yours, 20% of the sale price will be divided amongst the holders of previous tickets and paid out in SOL. Upon swapping your ticket NFT for collection NFT, this will be automatically sent to your wallet.

Three royalty pools for ongoing reflections.

Six-percent of all the trading volume made from 37,500 NFT royalties will be distributed amongst the holders across three royalty pools in each of the five chains, AVAX, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Terra. As TIER-ONE NFT holders, you earn from each, with pools being divided amongst the number of NFT�s on that chain.

The rarer the ticket, the greater the percentage of the fees you get!

4% (300 NFTs)
31% (2,325 NFTs)
65% (4,875 NFTs)
A cross-chain revolution

An NFT platform and marketplace spread out across 5 of the most popular chains out there. Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and Terra.

Each of NFT within TIER-ONE has a random draw between the five partner chains, leaving room for participants to value each chain NFT separately in our marketplace.

Move your NFT to earn more.

Volume-based rewards are unique to each chain, making for exciting speculation opportunities. Move your future NFT around, and find out where the best rewards are.

Move your NFT to earn better rewards or get higher sell value
A Gorgeous Experience

Holders of the Gorgeous token will receive a dividend of all Snippets platform fees in perpetuity to reward all Gorgeous team supporters. Paying back supporters is our way of showing our dedication to giving back to our community.

A community of creators and creatives

Holding TIER-ONE NFT's will give you first entry into a community of the best creators and innovators in the NFT space.

Opportunity overload

Every person who owns an NFT will get exclusive opportunities to participate in future events, projects, and more. Stay excited, the future is looking Gorgeous!

How do you purchase a ticket?

First, you will need SOL on the Solana Network and available in a Web3 wallet like Phantom Wallet. We have written a step-by-step article to install Phantom and fund with SOL.

Phantom Wallet logoSolflare Wallet logoSollet Wallet logoLedger Wallet logoSlope Wallet logo

Other wallets we support are, Solflare, Sollet, Ledger, and Slope. Please visit our Discord , or join our Telegram group and ask for help if you need any assistance.

Find out more about Snippets on our homepage.

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About this page

This mint page has been entirely created within the Snippets platform to allow creators to customise and deploy a workable website and sell their collections. To give further control, we have also developed NPM packages so our creators can drop our tools directly into their current website.

Created with the selling tools at Snippets.

Who is Gorgeous

The Snippets platform and it's launch in the Pioneer Sale was created as part of the Gorgeous ecosystem.

Driven by a desire to make a difference together, Gorgeous is the philanthropic and charitable vehicle that will take us to the moon, develop the foundations to support those that need a little more Gorgeous in their lives, and highlight the ability of human ingenuity to bring about change.